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Monday, June 30, 2008

Days 160-182 (June)

Hello friends... I have officially fallen behind on my "Lisa365" project. So, I've decided to just summarize what I've done! Yes, there are a few days missing. I've let myself down :(
Hopefully this summary in point-form is self-explanatory... and click the links to view the corresponding photos :D (they open in a new window/tab)

Day #160 - June 8: spa treatment! I had a shower using everything the Healing Garden set I got.
Day #161 - June 9: went to lunch by myself on my birthday. First time doing that!
Day #162 - June 10: signed up for epost
Day #163 - June 11: Wore all black. Everything.
Day #164 - June 12: Got my ownership papers for my own car!!
Day #165 - June 13: Bought my own car! And changed license name; got my own insurance...
Day #166 - June 14: agreed to shoot a last-minute wedding - less than 24hrs away
Day #167 - June 15: held a mouse
Day #168 - June 16: discovered Flyleaf
Day #169 - June 17: rode an elephant by myself at African Lion Safari. Same elephant that starred in The Love Guru!
Day #170 - June 18: scanned all my postcrossing cards
Day #171 - June 19:
Day #172 - June 20: exercized in the morning; yay!
Day #173 - June 21: official Tour a Garden volunteer; visited 180yr old house
Day #174 - June 22: tried cologne lotion... strong!
Day #175 - June 23: watched Liz perform live
Day #176 - June 24:
Day #177 - June 25:
Day #178 - June 26: mailed a home-made postcard (sticky backs)
Day #179 - June 27: spotted a Photoshop Disaster (guy's hand on the left looks... odd)
Day #180 - June 28: went to the batting cages
Day #181 - June 29: got a free autographed baseball and saw engagement at the Jays game
Day #182 - June 30: was given a Mr Rooter figurine, lol

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Colette said...

I'm impressed you could keep track without updating! I find it hard to remember if I'm away from my computer for 2 days.

Anyway, I'm glad to see you're keeping up with it (even if you don't post it immediately).

Hilarious videos from Improv Everywhere! :-)

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