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Monday, June 30, 2008

Days 160-182 (June)

Hello friends... I have officially fallen behind on my "Lisa365" project. So, I've decided to just summarize what I've done! Yes, there are a few days missing. I've let myself down :(
Hopefully this summary in point-form is self-explanatory... and click the links to view the corresponding photos :D (they open in a new window/tab)

Day #160 - June 8: spa treatment! I had a shower using everything the Healing Garden set I got.
Day #161 - June 9: went to lunch by myself on my birthday. First time doing that!
Day #162 - June 10: signed up for epost
Day #163 - June 11: Wore all black. Everything.
Day #164 - June 12: Got my ownership papers for my own car!!
Day #165 - June 13: Bought my own car! And changed license name; got my own insurance...
Day #166 - June 14: agreed to shoot a last-minute wedding - less than 24hrs away
Day #167 - June 15: held a mouse
Day #168 - June 16: discovered Flyleaf
Day #169 - June 17: rode an elephant by myself at African Lion Safari. Same elephant that starred in The Love Guru!
Day #170 - June 18: scanned all my postcrossing cards
Day #171 - June 19:
Day #172 - June 20: exercized in the morning; yay!
Day #173 - June 21: official Tour a Garden volunteer; visited 180yr old house
Day #174 - June 22: tried cologne lotion... strong!
Day #175 - June 23: watched Liz perform live
Day #176 - June 24:
Day #177 - June 25:
Day #178 - June 26: mailed a home-made postcard (sticky backs)
Day #179 - June 27: spotted a Photoshop Disaster (guy's hand on the left looks... odd)
Day #180 - June 28: went to the batting cages
Day #181 - June 29: got a free autographed baseball and saw engagement at the Jays game
Day #182 - June 30: was given a Mr Rooter figurine, lol

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day #159

Today was my birthday barbecue... and I learned to BBQ all by myself! Yes, for the first time in my life I learned to turn on the propane tank and light the burners... I've always loved barbecues but have always been fearful of them (having worked at the manufacturing plant of Broil King, you hear all the stories!)
When it was time to cook for our friends, I lit it up and put the burgers and hot dogs on... and then a friend stepped up and offered to take over for me as I was running around and talking to everyone who was over. :-)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Day #158

my Elle Canada prize If you've been following my blog then you'll know I wrote in to Elle Canada.

Well, I found out not too long ago that my letter had been selected to be published, but what I didn't know was that it was selected as the Best letter! Today I received my prize: Calvin Klein's Euphoria set of body lotion, shower/bath wash and the bottled fragrance, valued at $150. Wow!! This was the biggest prize I've ever received!

the published letter:

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day #157

One of the perks of being single is receiving a GST cheque from the government 3-4 times per year. Each cheque starts off around $56, then after a few years (I think when you reach a certain income) the cheques rise to $96 each. Well, when we got married these cheques kept coming, so I thought perhaps something had changed. Ha!
After filing our income tax this year, we received letters explaining that we were no longer entitled to these GST cheques and now owed the government $181 each - well, isn't that peachy. Our marriage was registered with the government in November (married in September...) so the cheques should have stopped way back then already. Anyways...
today I wrote a cheque to send back to the government. And instead of leaving the "memo" section blank, I left a little note for the accounting department.

[I haven't uploaded the photo yet, so I'm not spoiling this new thing until I do!]

I hope they get a laugh out of it instead of coming to arrest us or something. LOL.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Day #156

Helping out reception this afternoon, it can get a little slow up there. I can't really do my own work while sitting there so today I wrote to a penpal while sitting at reception. Shh, don't tell anyone! :-)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day #155

polaroid grandma I was sneaky today...

It's my grandma's birthday. We celebrated on Sunday, but I went to visit her for awhile today too :-) While I was there, I decided to secretly video our conversation.
Now, I didn't hide the camera in my pocket or anything... it was clearly sitting on the table in front of us. Why did I do this? Well, Grandma isn't going to be around forever and I thought it would be nice to capture some video of her while she's still here. She's really cute and funny... that's my Grandma. :-)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Day #154

Wondering if my houseplants were dangerous to our kitties (and because of the few pieces taken out of the leaves...), I researched poisonous plants for cats. Sure enough, my English ivy & chrysanthemums were to blame... they're now sitting outside the front door :-)
(the kittehs are fine, they just nibbled them a bit too much!)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Day #153

Out to lunch at Swiss Chalet for Grandma's birthday, Nic & I tried a new menu item: deepfried zuchinni.


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