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Monday, May 26, 2008

Day #147

A girl from my church is currently spending six months in Botswana with a missionary family. I thought it would be neat to ask her about a few Setswana phrases that I could learn as my new thing for today! She says that most people there speak English anyways, so she only knows a few phrases. Interesting none the less! I have learned how to speak Setswana!

This is what she sent to me:

Dumela (doo-MEH-lah) means hello
Dumelang (doo-MEH-lung) is hello plural
Rra (rah roll the 'r') is sir
Mma (mah, drag the 'm' a bit) is m'am
When you greet someone, you use sir/m'am. To pluralize, you put bo (boe) in front. Ex: Dumelang bo-rra.
The direct translation is greetings sirs, a greeting we'd never use in English, but it's cultural, and the only way you'd greet some men.

Oh, and in Setswana, the second last syllable is always the accented one (they try to apply that rule to English, it's amusing to try to decode what they're saying)

You can visit her blog at :-)

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