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Friday, May 23, 2008

Day #144

Another TWO things!

1) Before dropping my husband off for a hockey game, we came to a four-way stop. I came to a complete stop (as always, helloooo it says STOP) however the guy behind me didn't think I was completely stopping, and he bumped the back of the car. My initial reaction was anger, then annoyance. I told him that I in fact come to complete STOPS. Anyways, we got out of the cars and there was no damage at all, you can't even tell... I guess it always sounds worse that it actually is! I just shook the guy's hand and said, "Have a nice day, and remember to STOP at stop signs."

2) I dropped my husband off and I continued on to William's Coffee Pub (after attempting to fix and modify wireless settings, which finally allowed me to) browse the web on my laptop in a public place. WAY cool! XD

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