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Friday, May 16, 2008

Day #137

After work I agreed to meet with my next wedding photography victims clients for their rehearsal. It was a nice afternoon/evening! The bridal party, parents, and a few friends were present for the super quick rehearsal. The bride (whom I grew up with!) is the most organized person I've ever known! She did an amazing job keeping everyone on top of things. Forty-five minutes later I was walking back to the car to head over to my friend's house, whom I am kitten-sitting for this weekend. When I planted myself on the couch to work on a few pictures (on the new computer!) I realized the fly on my shorts had been all the way down since I'd left my house and gone to the rehearsal. Embarrassing!! Thankfully though, my sweater was just long enough (I hope - I think!) to cover my front. Yikes! I've never experienced "flying low" before... never again! lol

*I took that photo while walking back to the car. I liked the shadow effect. :-)


haleyhughes said...

The shadow effect is a nice way to do a self-portrait.

As for the fly, perhaps it slowly worked it's way down and you weren't really "flying low" for that long. Perhaps. :)

Lisa365 said...

thanks! Yeah, I can only hope. Eek!

Hilarious videos from Improv Everywhere! :-)

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