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Monday, April 7, 2008

Day #98

Rrroll up the Rim Finally! After a few attempts to do this new thing, I found the right person.
I paid for the order behind me in the Tim Horton's drive thru. I even gave them a little notecard letting them know about my blog. :-)
As I was saying, it's been difficult to find someone to pay for because right now the "Roll up the Rim to Win" event is going on at Tim Horton's. A few times I mention that I'd like to pay for the order behind me, and the flustered cashier would reply that they have a winning tab. Gah! So thankfully today, this gentleman didn't have a winning tab for his coffee. I think it was extra perfect to do this new thing today as the prices have gone up... ugh! Oh well. I hope this guy has a great day!


The Hunter's Wife said...

That was such a nice thing to do. I have never done that but I did leave a very LARGE tip to a few waiters in Cancun. They worked their tails off for us all week long.

Lisa365 said...

thanks :D *blushes* I was just filled with such... I don't know, that good feeling you get when you do something nice for others...

That was so nice!! they must have been on cloud nine! :D I hope to leave a tip like that some day :D

Monique Renae said...

That was really nice of you to do :) I have always wanted to try and do a month of paying for someone elses items, whether its at the toll booth or dry cleaner, but my schedule isn't consistent enough to do it. :(

PS - You should think about adding the Name/URL option for your comments so more NonBlogger folks can leave you comments :)

Lisa365 said...

Thanks! I thought I had it set for anyone to comment... I guess not! :D

haleyhughes said...

Wow, that had to feel great.

Extra kudos for leaving a card with your URL on it. For some reason, I'm really shy about promoting my blog in real life.

Lisa365 said...

Thanks! And it did! :-)

I was kinda shy about it, wondering what the heck somebody might think but I guess I'll find out :D

my parents read my posts everyday, lol... I don't think they quite know how to leave a comment yet ;) And anyone on my friends list of Facebook can see my updates too... hmm... not really exclusive to the online world! :D

imadeit said...

that IS really nice of you. i'm such a sap it kinda brought a tear to my eye (not sarcasm. i really honestly almost cried :)

there are not many honeslty good people, and i am happy to know one more

Lisa365 said...

aww :-)
thanks! it made me feel pretty good too :-)

Never did hear from that guy, I wonder if the drive thru girl actually gave him my little card at all. Hmm...

Hilarious videos from Improv Everywhere! :-)

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