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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Day #92

I have many hobbies and interests and "projects", just like this blog. About four years ago I was the receptionist for Broil King (and the distribution company for Weber grills in Canada!) and because I was at the front lines, I entered in all the warranty cards for every barbecue grill sold in Canada, US, and worldwide. And with all these warranty cards coming in via snail mail, so would ALL these interesting stamps! And that's when my collection officially started (again). (When I was younger, my parents would help me collect stamps from my dad's office because they had to shred old stuff). I don't know whatever happened to those stamps, and I wish I did...
Anyways, so I've started putting these stamps into albums so I can show them off (to people kind enough to pretend to be interested in my hobby, I'm sure).
Needless to say, I've got many duplicates of the same stamp. So I put those duplicates to good use! I started creating a collage of duplicate used stamps. It's going to grow, I know it. Yay! :D


K. Darrell said...

Cool collection. I collect coins, spoons, and pretty much everything else under the sun. lol

lisa365 said...

I've only purchase about 10% of my collection, the rest are just collected from friends and family :D

domestika said...

What a great idea of a way to use the duplicate stamps from your collection - any thoughts on what you might do with the collage? Frame it? Decoupage onto a serving tray? Use it for havy-duty giftwrap? Roll it into next year's Halloween costume (go as a stamp album)? I know you'll come up with something!

lisa365 said...

thanks! :-) You're always supplying me with ideas... keep them coming!

I started the collage on canvas (I forgot to mention that in the entry) so I might just leave it as-is when I'm finished. I'll probably paint over it all with a clear nail polish or something to finish it off nicely :-)

Erica said...

I love the pig one! My sister and her husband used the pig stamps for their wedding invitation - they have a pig farm :)

May I suggest putting them in a shadow box? It's a great way to display collections.

Lisa365 said...

@Erica- thanks for the suggestion! I've never used shadow boxes, so I'll try putting the stamps in there (maybe the collection of new & unused stamps I have!)

thanks! :D

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