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Monday, April 28, 2008

Day #119

With so much going on around the world in regards to global warming, recycling, "eco-this" and "eco-that", I thought it would be neat to come up with a list of things we do to keep from wasting...

-Recycling as much as possible (glass, plastics, papers)
-I let my hair air dry instead of running the blow dryer for nearly 20 minutes straight
-Wash all the laundry in cold water
-Re-use the last laundry' cycle's rinse water for the first wash cycle in the next load
-Only having lights on in the rooms we're in
-Not using paper plates
-Using canvas/reusuable shopping bags for groceries, etc (plus they are much more sturdy than those taboo plastic bags!)
-Only using rain water collected to water plants and the grass when necessary
-Composting food scraps, egg shells, yard waste, etc

There are probably other things I can't think of right now, but what I'd also like to do is get a push mower instead of the gas mower we have, as well as switching our current water heater for an electric water heater. We saw one of those on the Holmes on Homes show. Not only does it save a huge amount of space (it's just a box on the wall, kind of like the circut panel thing) but it only heats the water you need. Cool!
I've also gotta work on taking much shorter showers... that's a bad thing I do. But I'm striving to improve! Our utilities bill will surely reflect that too :-)

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