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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Day #114

I'm running low on contacts... I only bought the six-month supply when I had my last eye exam. So, instead of going back to where I originally bought the contacts, I decided to order more from 1-800 Contacts. Wow! Doing that saved me $10/box! AND they ship to Canada (free, for orders over $50 which is pretty easy to do...)
I'm ecstatic! I LOVE saving money!
*This is purely my opinion of my experience! I've never been paid for any review I've written.

Also today I picked up a new recycling bin and composter (FREE!) from our Regional Waste Management plant. I meant to do this yesterday but I didn't have time to get there. Sweet!


KrstlChik said...

i'd love to know how the composting goes. i've been meaning to research that more.

Lisa365 said...

thanks. My parents used to compost when we lived at the old house with the giant yard and garden. It's a really easy and awesome process. Hard to believe all those scraps turn into nutrient-rich dirt! :D

Read here if you like:

haleyhughes said...

I'm curious about the composting, too. When you put food scraps in the bin, does it attract wildlife?

Lisa365 said...

if the composter is working properly then it shouldn't attract animals or even smell bad! it's really interesting :-)
Check out this reading material:

Hilarious videos from Improv Everywhere! :-)

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