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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Day #110

stamp love! While still in Buffalo, I decided I would buy stamps and mail my penpal letters from the US Post Office. Definitely never done that before, as I live in Canada!
I had to explain to a gentleman in line why I was taking a picture of the stamps and letters before I mailed them away, as to why I was doing that. Hee hee hee :-)


Monique said...

I have been searching high and low for a penpal list or forum or something, and I can't seem to find any that aren't linked to some dating service. :(

Lisa365 said...

I found my penpals through livejournal! there are lots of communities there... just search "penpals" :-)

haleyhughes said...

I love the idea of having a penpal and using old-fashioned regular mail to communicate. There's something so special and nice about receiving a hand-written note in the mail.

But I hesitate to initiate something like that because I know I'll have trouble with the follow-through.

In high school and college, I had a penpal in Japan. Our communication was sporadic and I always had trouble finding things to write about.

Lisa365 said...

It can be hard for sure... sometimes the letters are short and sweet, just talking about what we did that day or whatever... and we exchange papers and stickers and stuff too :D

Hilarious videos from Improv Everywhere! :-)

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