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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Day #65

I love movies, I love acting. I would love to be an actress. I've dreamt that I worked on set with the cast of FRIENDS, laughing along with them for all those bloopers. Sigh. I've never taken an acting class ever, but I thought why not start now: I learned how to cry on the spot. I'm an easy crier. Underneath all the agressiveness I possess, I am a super sensitive person and believed that this part of acting could be an easy conquest. Heck no!! All I could think about while trying to cry, was how to laugh! Opposite affect. Whoops.
I should practice this later, haha.


And I also created this cool signature. I never though about doing it before, but I've seen these on a few blogs and decided to check it out at []
But, I cheated. I opened up Photoshop and created my own, because I like my own creativity :D
I'd love to create one for anyone interested!


haleyhughes said...

I took a five-week acting-for-non-actors class at my local community college a few years ago and LOVED it. I didn't expect to like it, really. Just enrolled because I was trying to conquer a fear of public speaking (still working on that). If you're at all intrigued by acting, I highly recommend taking a class.

Nice job on the signature!

lisa365 said...

Oh wow, thanks for the tip! I'll have to check that out :D

Thanks! I like it, but I'm not sure if I'll use it on every entry. Maybe on the personal blog, heh.

The Hunter's Wife said...

That is a cute signature. When I place my signature "The Hunter's Wife" under my post my google ads sometimes turn to wives looking for love, etc.

lisa365 said...

Thanks! :D

Isn't your signature an image? That's crazy that it can pick it up... unless it's real people putting up the ads!

The Hunter's Wife said...

My signature is an image unless it just scans my domain name. Some of the ads that come up automatically from google seem to not relate to my site. But maybe they think hunters are looking for wives. :)

Hilarious videos from Improv Everywhere! :-)

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