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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Day #89

Today was the celebration of Earth Hour! A worldwide event? Why wouldn't I participate?! :D

Unfortunately I wasn't able to complete my shirt I started yesterday, but I still actively participated with Earth Hour. I was on the computer until 7:59pm, and then I completely shut it down. I went downstairs and turned off the light in the living room, and lit a candle. My husband refused to turn the TV off, but I figured we were doing pretty well since nothing else was on! :D
A few minutes later I drove downtown to see the Earth Hour party at our city hall. During my drive I was anxious to see if anyone else had turned off their lights, and I was disappointed that not everyone was participating. Regardless, the event downtown was really neat! It was really cold, but I managed to snap a few pictures of the darkness :-) I was happy to see that our own city officials were taking this seriously!

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lovely said... says: those in the philippines particularly davao city also participated in the earth hour--check this out--

Hilarious videos from Improv Everywhere! :-)

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