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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Day #87

This is my cousin's daughter (my second cousin?) she'll be 9 months old on March 30th, and I let her chomp on my finger. She was walking around, to my mom, my uncle, my cousin, and then she flopped down in front of me. While I was talking to everyone else, little girl grabbed my finger and stuck it in her mouth (ewww!) No worries, my hands were clean. It was a weird feeling! She has a few teeth, and used them on me, haha. Every few seconds I would scream in pain but baby is teething; it's to be expected. Definitely something I've never done! Haha :-)


haleyhughes said...

She's a total cutie, but I'm not sure I'd want her chomping on my finger. Not with teeth! :)

As for the cousin thing, you and she are first cousins, once removed. If you had a child, she and your child would be second cousins. I could go into further explanation, but it involves spread sheets.

lisa365 said...

Yikes! I'll look into the explanation further someday. Maybe with my family tree thing, haha :-)


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