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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Day #82

Today, I dyed my own hair. There's nothing new about that, however I've never actually done it myself. I've either had a friend or the salon, or my mom slop on the ammonia to colour my hair mass.
And even though I started to do it myself, I gave up fairly quickly and asked my mom to finish it off for me. My goal was all over blond locks as I've had for a long time. Unfortunately, I now have orange! My husband has nicknamed me Coppertop.

Whatever. I'll get it fixed in a few days so no photo goodness right now. Later! :D


The Hunter's Wife said...

I get mine dyed every 4 weeks and I have never done it myself. I don't think I would attempt to.

Anonymous said...

I dye my hair all the time. I've been going gray since I was 16 so I've saved myself A LOT of money over the years.

lisa365 said...

@ the hunter's wife: I should probably do that time since my hair grows so fast! :D

@ k. darrell: I've had white hair since I was 13 (I'm only 23 now), so I know what you mean! :D

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