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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Day #75

Tonight was the Stag & Doe event I had sold tickets for a few weeks ago. I'm not part of the bridal party (I'm the photographer) but as a close friend I was recruited to help out! No problem. So in the early afternoon a few of us got together to roll cold cuts of meat onto five trays and then at the party I went around selling silent auction tickets and ran a version of Crown & Anchor. It was good times! Here I am with the busy Maid of Honour, and some of the meat trays (they didn't run out of food, that's for sure!) :-)



Jenny said...

Mmmm...meat!! lol!!

I think your blog is so neat...I love the idea of doing something new each and every day and then blogging about've inspired me!! Cool Beans!

Lisa said...

I love meat too! Yum!

Thanks! I was actually inspired by she was featured on CNN which is how I came across her blog :-) I've used a few of her ideas already!

haleyhughes said...

That's a lot of cold cuts!

Did you get a good turnout at the party?

lisa365 said...

It sure was! Yes the turn out was great! More older people than expected, but once they left we had a great (louder) time! haha :D

Hilarious videos from Improv Everywhere! :-)

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