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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Day #68

no plows yet Thanks to the enormous dumping of snow we had, cars were getting stuck on the roads all over the city today! It just did not stop snowing, not even for a minute.
My husband & I decided to venture out in it, with the expectation that we would also get stuck eventually (well, I did at least!) And boy was I right.
Upon leaving the restaurant, the spot where our car was parked was nicely filled in. You couldn't even see where we had driven to get into the spot! Since Nic was driving, and we got stuck in the parking lot, I got out and pushed him out of the rut. Now don't send my husband hate mail for not being the one pushing - I made it clear to him that I was capable of pushing us out! It wasn't so bad... until we were nearly home, and we got stuck again. There were about 4 cars in the middle of our street who were stuck, and we waited for them to move. However, after sitting there for so long we got stuck again. I got out to push us again, and one of the neighbours came over to help me push. I was so thankful at this point, because it was just getting frustrating! Eventually the car was rolling smoothly, and I waved and yelled out "I'll see you at home!" A short five minute walk was fine with me :D

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