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Friday, March 7, 2008

Day #67

Today the weather network and every radio station was announcing yet another winter storm warning headed our way. That must mean it's getting a bit warmer! It's been pretty cold these last couple of days, no snow accumulation. Until tonight! I decided I would celebrate the coming of spring (soon!) by wearing shorts to work during winter. I'll admit it was a bit chilly, but nothing serious. The lowest temperature all day was -4 Celsius (24 Fahrenheit). The unfortunate thing was I didn't get a photo of me outside in the snow with my shorts, just me leaving for work.

I have many co-workers as my witnesses...
"Are you crazy?!"
"WHY are you wearing shorts?"
"You do know we're getting another storm this afternoon!"

Just trying something new!


haleyhughes said...

"You're crazzzyyyy... ", says the girl who's huddled in her office under a blanket. :P

Lisa said...

Haha :-) It wasn't that bad in the office yesterday either! lol :D

The Hunter's Wife said...

That is too funny!

Lisa said...

hee hee :-)

Hilarious videos from Improv Everywhere! :-)

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