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Friday, February 29, 2008

Day #60

Happy March, everyone! I cannot believe it's already March. Time is just flying by!! Especially for a friend of mine, who is getting married in a couple months now. Having just gone through the stress and excitement of planning a wedding and buying the first house, I know exactly how she feels. It will come and go by so fast - I mean it's hard to believe I've been married now for just over five months! WOW!
Anyways, in preparation for her & her fiance's wedding, the bridal party has been selling stag & doe tickets to raise money for them. These tickets get you into the party as well - and these are some fun parties! So tonight, I sold Stag & Doe tickets at the hockey game. I've never been in a bridal party besides my own (but I didn't sell my own tickets), so this was definitely something new!


haleyhughes said...

Interesting. I've never heard of selling Stag and Doe tickets. Does this mean that you'll have people at the bachelor and bachelorette parties who don't know the bride and groom?

lisa365 said...

Oh yes I keep forgetting that Stag & Doe's aren't recognized in the US!

The Stag & Doe (or Buck & Doe) is a separate party to raise money for the couple, so selling tickets for it is a great start. Then there will be activities like a silent auction (purchasing tickets) and selling alcohol at a slightly raised price, so the extra money is for the couple. Anyone who knows the couple or would like to buy a ticket to support them is welcome... sometimes there are people who buy tickets but don't show up to the party (like the couple's employers for example, haha)
The bachelor and bachelorette parties are a separate thing, but aren't meant to raise money - just for fun :-)

I hope this helps as well:

haleyhughes said...

It sounds like a fun tradition.

Learn something new every day!

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