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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Day #59

I was delighted when I opened my inbox today to find another friendly email from one of the mailing lists I joined. I highly recommend Photojojo to anyone who a)Likes crafts b)Likes photography b)Has a digital OR film camera and c)Has a device to read the emails. Or any of the above!
So in today's email they were advertising another photography project: PostCrossing! Who doesn't like to receive mail that isn't a bill? I do, and I signed up for Postcrossing and sent two postcards in the mail! :-) A very quick sign up form and I was all ready to send my first 5 postcards to random people around the globe. Very exciting! For every postcard that is received, my address goes into the queue for the next outgoing postcards!

Click here for Photojojo
Click here for Postcrossing

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