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Monday, February 25, 2008

Day #56

I still can't believe that this project is still going for me! Yeah! And I've got readers I never knew I had. Haha :-)

Today's new thing was yet again something by accident. Literally! Around lunch hour one of my coworkers sent out an email letting everyone know that she'd found something. Well, it turned out to be mine. So, after work I went to the end of the parking lot, and found the car's license plate in the snowbank. Apparently one day I parked too close into the snowbank and the plate came off the front end of the car! I probably would have never even noticed. Whoops!
- - -
Now for a few updates of past entries!
Day #4: I'm currently hosting six Toyvoyagers, and I have one out in the USA somewhere. The cabbage patch doll I sent to Malaysia never arrived, and it's been almost two months. Otherwise, I enjoy being part of ToyVoyagers very much!
Day #21: The photobook I ordered arrived safe and sound, and I was quite impressed. I will most likely order another book in the near future!
Day #25: When I hit that other Volvo, I was expecting to hear back from the owner the next day. However, I've never heard from her and I've since decided that the "accident" was merely just a scuff and not a scratch.
Day #37: When I signed up for an Entrecard I wasn't able to add it to my Livejournal version of the blog, so I created a copy here at The Entrecard has proved to be a valuable part of my Blogspot blog! I've had a serious increase of readers, and I've found new blogs that are of interest to me.
Day #39: City complaints are becoming an even bigger problem than just my street. Residents are complaining that resources aren't being used efficiently, and roadways in some neighbourhoods (not mine) are still not cleared after nearly two weeks since the last big snowstorm.
Day #42: My post about cutting up my credit card may have been misleading. I still have one credit card, that I've saved for emergencies only. I just found that having two was unnecessary, and leaves the opportunity open for accumulating out of control debts. So, instead of leaving the temptation there I cut up one of my cards.

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