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Friday, February 22, 2008

Day #53

Every year in October, my office's social committee runs insane fundraising activities for the United Way. By "insane" I mean very good ideas to raise money, like for instance the auction where I won 4 tickets to sit in a box at the Kitchener Memorial Auditorium for any Kitchener Rangers hockey game. I could choose any day to use the tickets so I decided I would use them tonight for my husband's birthday.
It was great! We had space to sit, stand, and relax. Eating whatever we wanted (what we ordered: pizza, wings, fruit) and just having a great time. There were about 11 of us in the box, five of whom I knew.
I'm thankful that we have our own season tickets for the Kitchener Ranger games however, because I found that sitting in the box was quite distracting from the game. Or maybe it was just me. :-) It was fun, but I could never do it again.

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