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Friday, February 15, 2008

Day #46

A few weeks I entered a contest. It was a simple technique that the newsletter "Photojojo" was sharing with us: putting words on a tshirt using Photoshop. I had some time so I decided to try the technique and entered my photo to the contest pool. Well, it was a nice surprise to find out I'd won!

At first I thought it was a scam email but it was pretty legit (as I found out soon enough). My prize was to select any tshirt from, and to apply the special code to get it free. Unfortunately because I'm in Canada, I still had to pay a bit for shipping. A nice surprise in my mailbox (yesterday!) was my prize tshirt arrived, and I wore "the bomb" to work. I was so proud! I'll just be sure to not wear it at airports and other high-security areas for fear of being interrogated!

Also new today, a friend sent me an email asking about a ring tone that can only be heard by youths under 20 years old... so I did a bit of research about the "teen buzz" - the mosquito ring tone. Because of the high frequency, and because as we get older we lose hearing, only young people can hear it. It was pretty interesting! And kind of depressing to find that I can only hear the "mosquito" (at 15 kHz) for 40 years & below! I'm only 23! :(

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