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Friday, February 8, 2008

Day #39

I have a bad habit of complaining, but not making it public. Except on my blog, or to a very close friend. I hate gossip, but it's honestly hard to avoid. I made that one of my other resolutions this year, and so far so good I'd say.
But in my complaining department, I just had to do something in regards to my street. It's been snowing like crazy in the last two weeks. Our area has suffered two winter storms, bringing in a tonne of snow and leaving roads dangerous to everyone. And causing drivers to get stuck on their own streets. So, I called the City and complained. I didn't just complain. I questionned why some streets have been plowed numerous times, and ours hasn't seen one plow in three days. I was mad, but I do have an understanding that not everyone can be everywhere at once. Gah, but it's so annoying! Anyways, I hope that my small complaint will get something done. I felt bad but sometimes you have to speak up for things you want.

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