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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Day #37

A girl I've known for pretty much my whole life left me an idea to try for my blog: Entrecard.
She's been on the internet since 1995 according to her bio, and is currently making money using the internet. Although I'm a bit hesistant to do something like that, I decided I've give it a try. I signed up with with the hopes of making some money. The website says to put the "widget" on the sidebar, however, Livejournal doesn't support Javascript so I'm not sure this is going to work here. Hmm...


hmsweaver said...

Hi there! I found you through EntreCard and I love the project you're working on. What an interesting idea, trying something new every day! I'll enjoy following along. :-) Cheers!

Noelevz said...

dropped in via entrecard! I'm just a few days old in entrecard and I must say its a wonderful experience, I have made new friends and acquaintances and new ideas for my blog. Welcome!

Bec said...

Cool Lisa, hope you have fun with Entrecard, but yeah, won't make you money unless you 'Monetize' your blog. You'll have to look at the 'Make Money Online' section in Entrecard.

Enjoy :)

Hilarious videos from Improv Everywhere! :-)

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