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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Day #33

Before I knew it, the day was almost over! I had to think fast while on my drive home. I was feeling pretty good, being in a good mood and all. So I wanted to share that.
I pulled into the local McDonald's Restaurant drive-thru, and ordered a smile. No word of a lie, when I got to the speaker I felt like an idiot.

"Welcome to McDonald's, what would you like to order?"
"Um... yes, I'd like to order a Smile, please"
"A smile? Is that all?"
"Yep!" *giggle*

I get up to the first window and the guy looks at me like I'm drunk.

"Is that all you wanted, seriously?"
"Yes! Have a great night!"

I get to the second window, and that guy is just laughing his head off.

"Have a great night!" I say as I drive by.

My plan to make them smile worked! :D

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