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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Day #6

I'm standing with my Canada jersey

It was a great day! Nic and I were armed with cameras at Pearson International airport, waiting to welcome back a few members of Team Canada. We waited over an hour for them to come through those doors from baggage claim, and there had to be at least five other flights that came through before them.
It was exciting! I managed to find a spot front and center, right beside the cameramen for various TV stations (namely: Rogers,, CTV, and one from Quebec). Every time more passengers came through we had to step aside to allow them to pass us... thankfully there was only one passenger (a fairly large guy) who made a nasty comment about us all jamming up the walkway. Unbeknownst to this gentleman, he could have walked the other way, where there were no cameras or fans. :-)

Here is a photo I took during the event:
Steve Mason & mom

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