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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Day #24

Tonight was a blast! I went to a Tupperware party for the very first time. I love the products, and I bought a few pieces a few years ago to get my own collection started. A co-worker threw this party and it was awesome! The "tupperware lady" was very energetic and we kept her on her feet by asking a million questions. Hey, she was handing out ballots for every question, for the chance to win a prize. Of course I'm going to keep asking! They were honest questions though... I was still asking questions when my name was drawn as the winner, too. Haha :-)
She baked us a cake using one of the Rock 'n Serve containers too - only 9 minutes in the microwave! How cool is that?! (Quite delicious, too!)
And, we could choose one free gift if we booked a party at our houses too, so I did*! (I like free stuff!) Overall, I had a great time socializing with co-workers outside of work, and meeting a couple new people. Fun!

(*Anyone interested in coming? Let me know! :)

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