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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Good Bye, 365...

After a great running, I have decided to officially turn off Lisa365: Everyday New.

It was a great idea that just ran out of steam.

And, due to a friend's recent blog entry about blogs suddenly vanishing (it was not directed at me), I knew I had to bring closure to those people who visited here expecting to view new entries everyday.

I'm sorry.

You can find me at home - ...are you kidding me? or on my other Entrecard blog, dedicated to photography - Waterstone Photography.

Thanks everyone for your comments, encouragement, and readership! It was through this blog that I met SO many awesome people. Stay tuned for the next project...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Days 183-213 (July)

Clicking on the links will open a new window :-)

183 - July 01: saw fireworks from Columbia Lake from in our room
184 - July 02: cut my own hair (yes, yes I did!)
185 - July 03: ordered a 16x20 print for the first time
186 - July 04: crossed the US border by myself, driving; participated in July 4th IN the US; ate cheesecake at Cheesecake factory
187 - July 05: visited Webster state park; toured Rochester by myself
188 - July 06: drove from the Falls to home in 90 minutes
189 - July 07: tried 85% cocoa chocolate; too bitter for me!
190 - July 08: took a sample US citizenship test and scored 35% (oops!); Also, bought a laptop bag for $60 (ouch!)
191 - July 09: saw first tomatoes growing on the accidental plant!
192 - July 10: bought DARK KNIGHT tickets online
193 - July 11:
194 - July 12: Nic & I pet baby geese (or ducks?)
195 - July 13:
196 - July 14: drove to Guelph office to take one picture; stayed for the morning
197 - July 15: bought $10 nailpolish (metallic blue!)
198 - July 16: heard commercial on radio while reading the very same sign, while driving. cool.
199 - July 17:
200 - July 18: took part in opening night of movie; saw Dark Knight; first theatre Batman movie; bought pizza & pop for $9
201 - July 19:
202 - July 20: bought organic counter cleaner, smells so good
203 - July 21:
204 - July 22: drove around storm chasing for 2 hours right after work
205 - July 23: Halfway point! I slammed on my brakes when a bunny ran out in front of me (he was ok!! hopped to the other side of the street!) :D
206 - July 24: called customer service for something and the rep had to ask for my birthday... "Hey, that's mine too! Happy belated!" haha Ok guy, calm down... lol
207 - July 25: visited a loft that a friend recently bought (gorgeous!) and tried lychee fruit jelly/shooter type thing (good but weird jelly)
208 - July 26: discovered a new park/nature trail called Snyder's Flats, by following the boys on their canoe trip
209 - July 27: Had keys to house for ONE YEAR! woo!
210 - July 28: Nic taught me how to keep score at baseball... yikes!
211 - July 29: picked beans from my own little garden!!
212 - July 30:
213 - July 31:

Monday, June 30, 2008

Days 160-182 (June)

Hello friends... I have officially fallen behind on my "Lisa365" project. So, I've decided to just summarize what I've done! Yes, there are a few days missing. I've let myself down :(
Hopefully this summary in point-form is self-explanatory... and click the links to view the corresponding photos :D (they open in a new window/tab)

Day #160 - June 8: spa treatment! I had a shower using everything the Healing Garden set I got.
Day #161 - June 9: went to lunch by myself on my birthday. First time doing that!
Day #162 - June 10: signed up for epost
Day #163 - June 11: Wore all black. Everything.
Day #164 - June 12: Got my ownership papers for my own car!!
Day #165 - June 13: Bought my own car! And changed license name; got my own insurance...
Day #166 - June 14: agreed to shoot a last-minute wedding - less than 24hrs away
Day #167 - June 15: held a mouse
Day #168 - June 16: discovered Flyleaf
Day #169 - June 17: rode an elephant by myself at African Lion Safari. Same elephant that starred in The Love Guru!
Day #170 - June 18: scanned all my postcrossing cards
Day #171 - June 19:
Day #172 - June 20: exercized in the morning; yay!
Day #173 - June 21: official Tour a Garden volunteer; visited 180yr old house
Day #174 - June 22: tried cologne lotion... strong!
Day #175 - June 23: watched Liz perform live
Day #176 - June 24:
Day #177 - June 25:
Day #178 - June 26: mailed a home-made postcard (sticky backs)
Day #179 - June 27: spotted a Photoshop Disaster (guy's hand on the left looks... odd)
Day #180 - June 28: went to the batting cages
Day #181 - June 29: got a free autographed baseball and saw engagement at the Jays game
Day #182 - June 30: was given a Mr Rooter figurine, lol

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day #159

Today was my birthday barbecue... and I learned to BBQ all by myself! Yes, for the first time in my life I learned to turn on the propane tank and light the burners... I've always loved barbecues but have always been fearful of them (having worked at the manufacturing plant of Broil King, you hear all the stories!)
When it was time to cook for our friends, I lit it up and put the burgers and hot dogs on... and then a friend stepped up and offered to take over for me as I was running around and talking to everyone who was over. :-)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Day #158

my Elle Canada prize If you've been following my blog then you'll know I wrote in to Elle Canada.

Well, I found out not too long ago that my letter had been selected to be published, but what I didn't know was that it was selected as the Best letter! Today I received my prize: Calvin Klein's Euphoria set of body lotion, shower/bath wash and the bottled fragrance, valued at $150. Wow!! This was the biggest prize I've ever received!

the published letter:

Hilarious videos from Improv Everywhere! :-)

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